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Wed Jun 7 13:53:14 CEST 2006

On Wednesday, 7 de June de 2006 09:41, Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB) wrote:
> Interesting - I heard a talk about RonR and afterwards asked the
> speaker why RonR was so popular.
> He thought for a bit and said something like:
> "it's because the tight integration with a data base.
> The RonR view of a web application is that the web application
> is always driven by a data-base, so tight integration with a DB is
> essential. Using RonR you get a lot for free - given a data base
> schema you can automatically generate a lot of goodies"
> Now I have no experience that can verify if this statement was true or
> not
> but it did sound like a good idea.
> So the question is given a database schema, how much could we generate
> from the schema alone?
> I guess forms for data entry, and data table interrogation + queries
> should come for free.
> If we add a meta-language for layout and validation, we could generate a
> lot for free. Suppose we were to say that
> -record(foo, {x,y,z}).
> generated HTML forms with CSS selectors that were (say)
> 	<form>
> 	<div class="foo.x">
> 		... x entry ...
> 	</div>
> 	<div class="foo.y">
> 		... y entry ...
> 	</div>
> 	</form>
> And suppose we added meta-data describing who can read/write what data
> base
> fields with/without authentication, and how the fields are typed then I
> think we could get
> a lot of mileage from little effort.
> Just describing the mnesia tables in some declarative language, and then
> being able to
> automatically generate a load of forms to manipulate this data would be
> a
> great start.

I believe that if you go that way, you'll end up having some kind of workflow 
engine. Like: Any authenticated user may create a record; any authenticated 
manager can make the record visible, any anonymous user can see the record, 
and then, who can modify it ? Only a manager... unless the you make it 
private again. I've seen Plone workfolw; it can get very complex very fast.

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