ultimate vmware appliance?

bryan rasmussen <>
Tue Feb 28 15:44:02 CET 2006


"Are you up for the challenge of creating the industry's most
innovative virtual appliance? "
"Using open source or freely distributable components and/or your own
code, create the most inventive and useful virtual appliance and win
the $100,000 first prize!"
"To participate in the Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge (the
"Challenge"), you must be at least 18 years old. The Challenge is open
to individuals or teams of up to 10 people (the "Participant"), but
not to corporate entries. By participating in the Challenge,
Participants agree to be bound by these rules and to all decisions of
VMware, which are final, binding and conclusive in all matters. To
keep the Challenge legal and fair, we need to prohibit certain
participants, see below."

hmm, could the ultimate virtual appliance be running erlang. I've
actually been thinking about that recently (before I saw the contest,
which is why I decided to post), but can't figure a particular
ultimate yet.

Bryan Rasmussen

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