how to list databases ?

Lennart Ohman lennart.ohman@REDACTED
Wed Feb 22 23:01:57 CET 2006

Hi Marcin,
as an Erlang enthusiast I am of course thrilled to see new
"faces" on the erlang-list asking seriously meant questions about

However in this case, being contracted by Ericsson, it is
my "duty" to wear an Ericsson-hat and strongly advice against using
this list to obtain instructions on how to operate Ericsson
equipment. Though the suggestions you might get from the list
are most often given by very knowledgeable persons and perfectly
correct from an Erlang perspective. However not given in the context
of the equipment at hand. As some responses have cautioned you,
you may very well overload the system since there are no safety
nets in the Erlang shell.
And most importantly, the Erlang questions list is not an Ericsson
channel of information, rather a free (within reasonable limits)
forum for anyone. 

Please contact your official support organization for advice on
how to extract the information you need. In this case I guess you
want to use CLI commands to extract information on PM counters.
If you are unable to find what you need I will be happy to forward
your questions to the correct persons with in the GSN organization.

(If it is not a live node we are talking about, but rather a test
 system in a lab, it becomes a different game of course. But as a
 comment to others too, please indicate so in the question. Otherwise
 people in Ericsson support organizations start to jump up and down)

Best Regards,

>I am trying to get a databases list and list of keys.
>What I mean is, I have a command:
>mnesia:read({Db, DBKey}).my node is Ericsson's SGSN 5.5I want to get 
>measurement counters which are probably kept in mnesia,but I have no idea 
>what kind of Db and DBKey's values.Is there any method to list them ?Marcin

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