Erlang licenses

Romain Lenglet lenglet@REDACTED
Tue Feb 21 09:28:54 CET 2006


> Erlang 10.b.9-2 have been rejected for inclusion in Debian
> unstable because of an incomplete copyright file.
> Truthfully, lib/edoc and lib/syntax_tools are under an LGPL
> license.  I've added LGPL to the regulatory copyright file.  I
> suppose the rest is under the Erlang Public License.  Is it
> safe to suppose this?

I would like to add that there is the same problem with Jungerl: 
only 33 applications out of 70 have a distribution licence (i.e. 
have at least one file that contains the word "licence" ;-)), 
and there is no "default" global license for Jungerl as a whole.


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