Unix* + Erlang + SQLServer/Sybase

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Fri Feb 17 09:22:24 CET 2006

Yerl <yerl@REDACTED> writes:

> You want to connect Erlang to Sybase or SQLServer databases from
> Unix-[like] systems?
> So simple!
> Install UnixODBC (http://www.unixodbc.org/) and  FreeTDS
> (http://www.freetds.org/).
> After that, use the Erlang ODBC interface to connect to whatever you want.

FWIW we had to interface with Oracle 9i recently and it was very
painless with OTP's odbc + UnixODBC framework + Easysoft's commercial
(1K euro per machine) Oracle driver (which plugs into UnixODBC).

Possibly this will be useful information for an archive-searcher in
the future. :-)

P.S. SQL databases are pretty cool.

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