Longstanding issues: structs & standalone Erlang

Björn Lindström <>
Thu Feb 16 00:02:40 CET 2006

Claes Wikstrom <>:

> From there on it's just up to the deb,rpm,emerge, ports
> packagers to to their normal stuff with libs from (2)
> _and_ here's the main point, with external libs as well
> such as Yaws or stuff from jungerl. We want to
> encourage this. .. right ?

Me too.

> The whole idea of having multiple libs with multiple versions
> installed at the same time is mostly orthogonal to this. Besides,
> who wants that ?  And those who want it, typically build their own
> sw around sw-upgrades to aid the process.

I don't agree that this is tricky or orthogonal to anything said here.

Just look at how most Linux/BSD systems handle gcc. You have separate
directories for the libraries, and then links in the bin directories
to the executables. The default one is just called 'gcc', the others
'gcc-3.4' and so forth.

As long as it's easy to install Erlang this way using the
configuration scripts, making packages for different versions of
Erlang will not be that hard.

Björn Lindström <>
Student of computational linguistics, Uppsala University, Sweden

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