mnesia disc schema nodes - how to add?

Ryan Rawson <>
Wed Feb 15 03:12:49 CET 2006


I've messed about with mnesia a bunch today.  It seems that mnesia
needs to know the list of disc schema nodes when the schema is first
created.  But what if I want to add a disc schema node after the
schema was created?  Does it even make sense to do so?  As far as I
can tell there is no way - you can extend the schema onto the node,
but you can only do so as a ram_copies, and you can't change the type
of schema later.

Finally if you just create 2 schemas and connect them, you get invalid
schema cookie and your mnesia crashes.

So, am I missing something?  I've read the entire user's guide, and I
didn't get a sense of what is the thing to do here.


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