Longstanding issues: structs & standalone Erlang

Peter Lund erlang@REDACTED
Tue Feb 14 09:16:45 CET 2006

Yes, I think too that the SAE would contribute a lot in marketing Erlang 
to the world.

Many times I have wanted to send some non-erlang windows user one 
zip-file containing an application and all necessary parts of erlang to 
be able to run this on his computer. Very rarely I have been in a 
position to tell that windows user to first download the full erlang 
development environment just to run some smallish app I have developed. 
To market Erlang better, I think we should like java have both a 
development environment for erlang nerds and one other much simplier way 
to install and run an erlang app. Some kind of packaging tool that works 
for windows generating files that WinZip can unpack would be excellent.

Let's face it, the non-nerd commutity uses windows! (I do too for lot of 
erlang development :) )


James Hague wrote:

>2. Some way of distributing standalone Erlang applications.  There was
>SAE for a while, but it went stale and was never official.  There are
>some directory tree trimmers, such as the one used for Wings 3D, but,
>wow, that's an ugly route.  Maybe some clear documentation about
>what's needed to make a mini-Erlang system would help here?
>Part of me wants to say that Erlang is stagnating too much, that
>there's such a fixation (and understandably!) on supporting legacy
>applications that even conservative changes to the language or
>libraries are shot down.
>In frustration,

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