identity parse transform using syntax_tools

Thomas Lindgren <>
Mon Feb 13 17:12:14 CET 2006

--- "Vlad Dumitrescu XX (LN/EAB)"
<> wrote:
> Defining a single function to manage this is quite
> difficult, especially
> if it is to remain readable.

I'm not sure about Euler-tours, but I have written a
fair bit of code to traverse forms in or out of
evaluation order (forwards, backwards, partial or
total order, etc). It gets quite complicated,
especially if one has dozens of
traversals/transformations and needs to track the
undocumented evolution of Erlang everywhere. Not to
mention if there are bugs in the traversal code :-)

My final version (so far) is a library, probably the
most parametrized and least understandable bit of
Erlang I have written, which distills it all into two
basic "patterns". Nearly all transformations I have
used are instances of these, or abstractions built on
top of these. (Grepping the repository, it looks like
there are over a hundred calls to these patterns in
the current version of OM.)

NB. I'm not using syntax_tools either :-)


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