Erlang-VoiceXML interpreter?

Dominique Boucher <>
Mon Feb 13 15:54:56 CET 2006

Hi Sanjaya,

> Are there any VoiceXML interpreter written in Erlang?

None that I am aware of.

> Prefer If anyone like to shere their partial work, or know 
> some URL with opensource work. (I have urgent work with 
> adoption of VoiceXML to our systems). Otherwise I have to 
> start coding my own VoiceXML interpreter :(

For the adoption of VoiceXML, do you really need to develop your own
VoiceXML interpreter? What are your goals? Why can't you just use an
existing one, even if it's not written in Erlang? Don't you just need a
VoiceXML application framework instead? (I.e. a framework for developing
VoiceXML applications in Erlang, at the right level of abstraction.) 

Developing a VoiceXML interpreter is one thing. Developing a carrier-grade
VoiceXML gateway that interfaces to the telephony platform, the CTI
platform, the various speech resources (TTS, speech recognizer, etc.), is
another thing. You will need an ECMAScript interpreter that can be easily
embedded in Erlang, and good caching mechanisms (for resources like
recordings). A VoiceXML gateway is like a Web browser. It's not just a
matter of interpreting the VoiceXML.

I have been in the speech industry for the past 9 years now, and I can tell
you that developing such a beast can easily take 1.5 to 2 years of
development and testing at the bare minimum to get something stable enough
for deployment.  

Having said that, I would very much like to see a VoiceXML gateway in


Dominique Boucher
Lead Developer
Nü Écho Inc

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