Erlang Books...WAS Re: Where to get Concurrent Programming in Erlang (2nd Edition)

Marc van Woerkom <>
Sat Feb 11 13:52:04 CET 2006


Those look but they illustrate that you need a lot of 
stamina to finish it properly.

Indeed one could write several ones. 
Different difficulty level: 
- computer scientist (like the original), 
- one for interested newbies (like Mikael Remond's french 
Different focus:
- functional programming (algorithms, data structures (!))
- distributed applications
- network/telecomms programming
- database programming (mnesia, Oracle & relational 
- web application development (Yaws..)

This is so much, that I favour a community effort.

E.g. the PHP online documentaton is excellent, certainly 
one of the reasons why it attracted many newcomers.
Have you tried<keyword>? e.g.

They allow comments for every page, so it is kind of a 
compromise between a Wiki and the statics docs where you 
can immediatly add your own content.

My problem with the erlang wiki is that I got used to the 
Wikimedia software (the one behind wikipedia), I post on 
wikipedia if I have a bit time off and I hate it now to 
switch to another input syntax. I also like the way they 
organize things.

That would make creating a Wikibook an option, but I don't 
like the idea that anyone could market it afterwards. (In 
case of the FreeBSD project I don't mind such, because I 
know money goes back to the project - but where go the 
bucks that are made with wikipedia contents?)
This could be solved by running a wikimedia software on a 
erlang community server. (Or by pimping up the existing 
erlang wikis :-)


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