case sensitivity for file api

Raimo Niskanen raimo@REDACTED
Thu Feb 9 17:49:52 CET 2006

I guess you already know this, but there should be a 
setting in the ClearCase administration tool on Windows that
selects if names should be case sensitive or not.
(Jumping in the middle of something I did not read from the start)

vlad.xx.dumitrescu@REDACTED (Vlad Dumitrescu XX LN/EAB) writes:

> Hi 
> > f(L),L=filelib:wildcard("s*tcap*.erl").        
> >  > ["ss7_tcap.erl","ss7_tcap_subsystem.erl"]
> > 
> > I would draw the exact opposite conclusion from the 
> > information you've given, i.e. that whatever mechanism 
> > filelib uses, it must be case _sensitive_. Which is exactly 
> > as per the filelib manpage.
> Ouch, I should have tested with 
> 	L=filelib:wildcard("s*cap*.erl").        
> Which gives the proper result... Sorry for the confusion.
> My problem is that I can open a file from a network drive and read from
> it. When saving it, however, the other files which only differ in
> capitalization are being overwritten... I've checked not and it's the
> same when using Emcas, so it's not an Erlang issue.
> > Out of curiosity, how did you pick the hostname "EGILA003CTD0VFE"?
> That was my nickname when I was a little boy :-) 
> No, the name is automatically assigned and I don't really want to be
> associated with it ;-)

Just like often the case is regarding nicknames on grown up boys :-)

> Regards,
> Vlad


/ Raimo Niskanen, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB

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