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Hi .... All,

I have sent this mail to the community last month. But not a single reply received.

Referring to the documentation in erl_driver it says "Also, the driver queue is an ErlIOVec."

So, If any one can show me knows how to use the Erlang Driver Queue (ErlIOVec) to get Driver Side Events to emulator, it will be a great help.

Thanks in advance,

Sanjaya Vitharana

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How to use Erlang Driver Queue (ErlIOVec) to get Driver Side Events to emulator?

I have tried with driver_output_term(...). But it's not work in the way i want, specially when I try to get the driverside events to emulator.

Can't we use the driver_enq(...) function to directly put the messages to the queue, & get it from the emulator ? If it is possible, i'd like to know how this can be done.

I have tried with driver_enq(...) to put the data, but don't receiced any event to the emulator. One thing I noted is, when stop the driver it calls flush. It seems the data I put into the queue was there till I stop the driver.

I don't know i'm going in a proper way or not. So need any guidence from expert, because the documentation seems to be not enough to for this topic.

Thanks in advance

Sanjaya Vitharana
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