implementing TCP in pure Erlang [CLOSED]

Gaspar Chilingarov <>
Mon Feb 6 21:45:34 CET 2006

Oh, well!

Thank you very much. Really I've overseen in in google results :(

> Gaspar Chilingarov wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I need to look over the implementation of TCP protocol in Erlang and I'm
>> sure I've seen it somewhere, but could not find it again.
> You'll find it here:
>> Are there any ready implementations?
> Well, I wouldn't call it 'ready'.
> It is old, and haven't been used much.
> Cheers, Tobbe

Ok, I'm looking just for a reference implementation to understand how
connection oriented protocol should be implemented in Erlang. I've stuck in my
development, so I need some reading,RTFS-ing and source digging :)

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