who teaches erlang?

Fabien Dagnat fabien.dagnat@REDACTED
Mon Feb 6 09:55:50 CET 2006

> | It doesn't have to be a specific Erlang course.
> | As far as I'm concerned, if students are introduced
> | to Erlang in some parallell systems or distributed
> | programming course, that qualifies.
> At ENST (http://www.enst.fr/), we are currently reorganizing the
> classes. I used to teach Erlang in the distributed systems class a few
> years ago, but I stopped doing it because of time constraints for the
> class.
At ENST Bretagne (http://www.enst-bretagne.fr/), it was now three years
I was trying to introduce Erlang in my teaching to illustrate another
solution to concurrency (with respect to Java) and for fault tolerance

> Starting next year, I will lead a new course called "non-classical
> languages" so that our undergraduate students can see many different
> programming languages, concepts and styles. In this 60 hours class, I
> will teach Smalltalk, Haskell, Scheme, Forth and... Erlang of course!
In a similar setting (a course to enlarge student culture of langages
and paradigms*), I will probably introduce some Erlang next year.


(*) this year version the lab session were about perl (scripting and
regexp), Ocaml (functional, type inference, higher order, pattern
matching), Compilation (using Ocamllex and Ocamlyacc), IHM, Software
components (EJB).
Next year version will probably use python, Ocaml, Erlang, Compilation,
Software components (Fractal, ArchJava), Aspects.

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