What can cause erlang to hang, if all I'm using are gen_tcp and and standard libs?

Zack Brannigan <>
Mon Feb 6 06:21:54 CET 2006


I have three processes: one that uses a gen_tcp socket
to communicate with a remote server using telnet,
another that receives socket updates from the first,
and a third that's merely diagnostic (counting 1,2,3
every second).

During some runs of my program, I reach a point where
evidently erlang hangs completely. The third process,
which does not communicate in any way with the other
two, stops counting.

If there's a dead lock between the first two, why
should it affect the third?

I encountered this problem using the latest versions
of OTP (R10B9) under winXP Pro and under Linux (OTP
compiled from source).

Can anyone help me figure this out? Thank you.

-- Zack

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