distel setup problem

Luke Gorrie <>
Sun Feb 5 12:41:20 CET 2006

Howdy Karol,

karol skocik <> writes:

>   I am trying to get Distel 3.3 working, but with no luck so far. On
> the application side : .erlang file with
> "code:add_pathz("/usr/local/share/distel/ebin")" - as it is written in

You need a '.' at the end.

> when I want to connect from Emacs to running node ,
> like M-x erl-ie-session RET, Node : 
> after a really long delay (couple dozens of minutes), Emacs become
> responsive again, and I can find 2 buffers like with status line
> showing some erlang pid, or *ie session <>* (Erlang EXT)
> ---.

It really takes more than 20 minutes? If you said 2 minutes I would
suspect something related to DNS. In that case it may help to connect
to  instead. (BTW, what OS & Erlang are you using?)

To get more info you could try:
  (setq debug-on-quit t)
and then press C-g to interrupt Emacs when it is stuck. Then it should
show a backtrace saying where it's getting blocked.


P.S. The latest version of Distel (with R10-compat) is kept in the Jungerl.

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