Our success story

Dietmar Schaefer <>
Fri Feb 3 12:57:11 CET 2006

All you erlang wizards !

I can report two success stories - not only personaly but also an Erlang 
one !

As I already mentioned before I successfully implemented
a distributed SNMP agent using Erlang for our product!

The results were very pleasing and the features Erlang provided to us
are still very promising.

First, a peer team within our department,
successfully created a prototype system of their
Air Traffic Information System in very short time.

They had to implement the following requirments:
- distributed and fault tolerant
- web based
- using database persistency

I convinced their team leader to evaluate:
- Erlang
- Yaws
- Mnesia

The persentation of their results was well appriciated by the audiance!
Now, the next step will be to convince the line management of our 

Second, based on what we leaned about Erlang, we are now moving forward 
to design the next
generation of our air traffic mangement system.

The legacy product is based on PVM, written mainly in C++, it's 
distributed, and almost fault tolerant.

We are now planning to incorparate Mnesia, the Supervisor concept and 
OTP to achive a better
maintainability, conceptual integrity (Thank you Joe - it's an important 
point !), higher fault tolerance.

Unfortunalty, we cannot get rid of all the C++ based functionality but
the idea is to integrate the leagacy C++ code as smoothly as possible 
into our new Erlang based product.

Let's see how far we can get.



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