Are and down?

Per Einar Strömme stromme@REDACTED
Thu Feb 2 12:28:01 CET 2006


          Hej  Joseph Stewart !

    According to the list they had some kind of power outage localy
so both and
went down.

Try a (the most current) mirror:

For erlang documentation also see (pointed out by Ulf Wiger):

The ///-people might have forgotten {www1,www2}
only www1 works right now but information on this is old by 
now (May 11, 2005 or so). Looks like there is a possibility for 
a local cluster. 

>From WWW1:
> Web Server Upgrading
> We are upgrading our web servers, if all goes well you should 
> not notice anything.  But just in case you might need to know that 
> during the upgrade there will be servers www, www1 and www2 for 
> the current, old and new web server.  Analoguously for ftp. Both 
> for the and domains. 
> The mailing lists will for now run on the old server and the mailing 
> archives will be rsynced to the new web server, so there will be 
> an update delay of max 1 hour for the mailing list archive.
> If we would happen to completely configure ourselves off the 
> Internet so the mailing lists die - hollor to Trapexit. 

Also see

                        Per Einar

Per Einar Strömme 

onsdag 01 februari 2006 18:04 skrev Joseph Stewart:
> I'm a new subscriber, so I apologize if this question has already been
> posted.
> I'm been trying to access and
> http://www.erlang.sefrom North America for the past 14 hours without
> success.
> Ping does no better.
> Thanks,
> -joe

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