Vacancy at T-Mobile

Brent Fulgham <>
Wed Feb 1 23:46:20 CET 2006

--- Lennart Ohman <> wrote:

> Of course in any big company not everyone can know
> of everything going on. I am probably extremely
> of many home-brewn things within Ericsson playing
> important roles in their areas as Erlang in its.
> But the Santa Barbara case is different in this case
> I believe. I believe that to be a company Ericsson
> Ericsson probably did not buy them to teach them
Erlang :-)
> but rather for the value of what they were doing
before. So 
> most likely they continued doing what they always
done, and
> not learning Erlang.

Yes, that's very likely.

As I said -- I don't think he even knew what I was
about.  :-)


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