Status of ODBC

Tiago Rodrigues Antao tra@REDACTED
Fri Feb 11 13:10:06 CET 2005


First I would like to thank everybody that answered.

All the infrastructure was set up correctly (odbcserver, etc)
I discovered that the problem was my poor Erlang knowledge, I was doing:
Ref = odbc:connect("DSN=PostgreSQL;UID=XXX;PWD=XXX",[{scrollable_cursors, 

odbc:sql_query(Ref,"select * from t1").

The "Ref =" should have been "{ok, Ref} ="

This was causing odbcserver to shutdown (not a crash, a normal exit).

If nobody opposes I would like to document on the wiki my experience in 
putting ODBC to work on Linux/PostgreSQL (including most of the issues raised 
by all the people that answered my previous email).

BTW, I will be making changes to odbcserver and the odbc module to include 
support for metadata, if anyone is interested in these changes, I will be 
more than happy to share them.

Em Terça, 8 de Fevereiro de 2005 08:27, o Ingela Anderton escreveu:
> Tiago Rodrigues Antao wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I am trying to use the ODBC facility of Erlang. I have noticed from the
> > code that its only supposed to work on Windows and Solaris (I am working
> > on Linux).
> It is not only supposed to work for Windows and Solaris. There might
> be some unfortunate naming that gave you this idea. But there
> is no technical reason why it should not work on Linux.
> On the other hand it is currently only tested and commercially
> supported for Windows and Solaris.
> > I changed the build script and compiled odbcserver.
> > I was able to start it from within Erlang and to connect to a PostgreSQL
> > server, but when I try to do an SQL query the server crashes.
> Without the crash report it is hard say anything! Probably it's not
> the srollable cursors problem with 2.x drivers as you managed to
> connect to the server.
> > Does anyone tried to use odbcserver on Linux? With any luck?
> I think there where some users who did, but I will let them speak for
> themselves.

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