Documentation Search Path Patches

Brent Fulgham bfulg@REDACTED
Wed Feb 2 18:37:55 CET 2005

--- Bjorn Gustavsson <bjorn@REDACTED> wrote:
> I guess that the maintainer for Darwinports must
> have eliminated the html sub-directory 
> himself/herself.

Yes, I think so.

> I intend to include the patch in OTP R10B-3 (with
> corrections, because it was not entirely correct).

What was wrong with it? (I ask in the hope that I can
learn from the mistake!)

> Now the documentation search will correctly for our
> binary releases and for an open-source build where 
> the documentation tar file has been
> unpacked directly on top of it.


What about the run_erl.c patch needed for
FreeBSD/MacOS X? 
It would be nice to have that change as well.

Best regards,


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