application startup

Nicolas Niclausse <>
Mon Aug 22 16:15:05 CEST 2005

Ulf Wiger (AL/EAB) ecrivait le 22.08.2005 15:29:
> Serge Aleynikov wrote:
>>Over the weekend, I briefly tried to experiment with the 
>>builder app by taking your 'dist' application from the
>>"How-to" section of, and trying to creage
>>a distibution package.  I had very little luck on getting
>>a clean built.
> I have never tried that (as was perhaps evident from the result.)
> [snipped embarrassing crash reports]
>>At this point I gave up because I had to take my daugter to a 
>>swimming pool.
>>My humble suggestion would be that instead of replying to my 
>>email you would expand the help (or write a small tutorial)
>>on how to make use of the 'builder' tool.
> I will reply only to acknowledge that I've noted your 
> complaint, and also note that this is the first concrete
> feedback I can remember since posting it on Jungerl two
> years ago -- thank you! (: The fact that builder.erl hasn't
> been updated in two years is not so much a testimony to the
> quality of its code as it is an indication that noone, 
> including me, has used it enough to bother.

FYI, i've been using builder.erl for 1,5 year for IDX-Tsunami (i was 
tired of manual version number updatesin .rel files, that's why i tried it).

It's a bit awkward to make it work with applications not installed in 
the same location as erlang (or maybe I miss something), but it works.

If your interested, you can take a look at the build process of tsunami 
(i know, the makefile is a bit ugly)

Anyway, a tutorial would be great, indeed :)


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