Vim and Erlang syntax files update [2005-08-16]

Gaspar Chilingarov <>
Tue Aug 16 17:06:52 CEST 2005

Hi again!

Vim syntax file updated recognise : as correct symbol in
function name. Now there is erlang_dictionary file included - kernel and
  stdlib module functions listed there. So in insert mode you can hit
Ctrl-N or Ctrl-P to browse autocompletition of functions -- it's worth a
try, it saves a lot of typing.
Also there are included two theme files tuned for erlang syntax
highlighting -- desert fot terminal use (green or white on black) and
nortysky for gvim.

File is uploaded to
In case if you cannot download this file, just drop me the mail.

BTW: are there any syntax tools to easily get all exported function lists?

Gaspar Chilingarov
System Administrator

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