editing erlang programs in vim

Brent Fulgham <>
Wed Aug 10 01:40:13 CEST 2005

--- James Hague <> wrote:
> Nifty!  If I can find the time, I'll try it.
> I tossed out the Erlang syntax coloring that comes
> with vim and made my own.  The big difference is
> that I do syntax coloring of function
> heads.  For example, in this code:
> fib(N) when N < 2 -> 1;
> fib(N) -> fib(N-2) + fib(N-1).
> everything to the left of the "->" on each line is
> in it's own color.  This makes code *much* easier to
> read, at least for me.

I would!

In fact, the two of you should try to merge these
syntax modes and forward them on to Bram.  He's not
an Erlang user (AFAIK) and would probably appreciate
being provided a mode that is useful to real Erlang


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