Distributed spawn-linking.

Alex Arnon <>
Mon Aug 8 16:51:42 CEST 2005

Hi All,

A (newbie question):
Consider a somewhat convoluted architecture: I have two processes, the
Spawner and Overseer. The Spawner's role is to spawn processes, while
the overseer would link to them and manage their operation (sending
command messages and the like). My question is:
  if the Spawner does this:

    Overseer ! {new, spawn(SomeNode, Behaviour, Args)}

  and the Overseer then does:

        {new, Pid} ->
            Pid ! {i_see_you, self()}

Is there any chance that the link would fail/message would get lost
due to there not being a process yet? In other words, does spawn()
wait for SomeNode to respond with an ACK before returning?

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