port problem

Chenniappan,Dhanasekaran [DBA] <>
Thu Mar 25 09:29:56 CET 2004

 We are using ERLANG for our Dialer Development. The dialer uses the
Dialogic boards. The Dialogic boards has C APIs so we use 

Port = open_port({spawn, complex}, [{packet, 2}]),

in loop function 


In complex.exe for message 1(which was sent in Port!{self(),1}) We have the
function for start the thread. In the thread the 

  while (1)
		if(sr_waitevt(30000) != -1)
		{	event();/* Function for watch and return the
dialogic events to ERLANG*/
				buf1[i] = prnstr[i];
				write_cmd(buf1, strlen(prnstr));/* This
function is from ERLANG Sample program for Sent data to C*/
				buf1[i] = prnstr[i];
				write_cmd(buf1, strlen(prnstr));

 Which means some data will be return continuously from C to ERLANG with the
time period of 30 seconds. The Function was working fine. But After some
hours (mostly after 3 hours of running) there is no data from the C port to
ERLANG, But the "complex" process is still running in windows (It is shown
in task manager). Is there any constraint in data transitions By this port
(like the traffic, Time,etc..). What may be the reason for this problem, and
give us your suggestion for overcome this problem. Kindly help us to solve
this issue.

With Regards

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