running a replicated Orber service

Dave Love
Mon Mar 22 15:04:52 CET 2004

Niclas Eklund <nick@REDACTED> writes:

> Hello!
> It's described in Orber's User's Guide (chapter 5.1.4 & 5.1.5). See:
> You should also check out orber:add_node/2 and orber:remove_node/1.
> When starting Orber, the NameService is activated automatically.

Thanks, but I obviously wasn't explicit enough.

I've read that and done it by hand -- which is why I think I can
program what I need.  However, it's some way from a Unix daemon that
starts up, queries other systems that might be running and asks one to
add_node it or otherwise starts orber itself, accounting for races
with an identical box rebooted at the same time.  I expected this to
be a fairly common idiom, but maybe it's rare to use Erlang-based
services like this.

[Being able to provide a properly-replicated server at all seems to be
a fairly compelling use of OTP; I've had no hint here that there's a
Java-based equivalent, and everything has to be written in Java.]

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