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Kenneth Lundin 08.55088832@REDACTED
Thu Mar 11 19:22:29 CET 2004

As developers and maintainers of Open Source Erlang and the commercial
supported version of Erlang we have 
in our plan to release Stand Alone Erlang hopefully this year (no
Although I think SAE is important other things with higher priority for
our paying customers have occupied our time so far.
We have Joes implementation but need to do a better integration with the
rest of the product to get it 
Examples of  problems to solve before we release it are:
-          Avoid having to build a special runtime-system binary for SAE
-          We must have a smarter way to handle erlang.ear and other
archives. A possible solution might be that
the erlang.ear is built at install-time and at patch installation so it
always gets updated with the latest modules
from the compiler, kernel, stdlib applications.
-          It should work on all supported platforms when we release it
(Windows requires some alternative solutions)
-          . 
Kenneth Lundin (Product Manager for Erlang/OTP at Ericsson)

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