sends don't block, right?

Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Thu Feb 26 10:57:56 CET 2004

--- Chris Pressey <cpressey@REDACTED> wrote:
> I'd much, much, MUCH rather it just kill the
> receiving process or
> (better) discard the message after a receive buffer
> limit is reached,
> than taking down the entire node, though.

Yes ... I think Safe Erlang had some support for this
(but did it ever get implemented?). Though when I
fretted about similar issues, Per Bergqvist told me I
could also just use several nodes and limit the size
of each to get roughly the same effect. (At some extra
cost, of course.) This seemed sensible enough.

> btw, I agree 100% (maybe 1000%) with Joe on the idea
> that hiding IPC
> stuff inside wrapper functions is just plain
> *wrongheaded*.  Yes,
> abstraction is good, but no, a function makes a
> *horrible* abstraction
> for IPC 

No more rpc:call, gen_server:call or gen_tcp:send
then? I agree that encapsulation and performance make
uneasy bedfellows, but I would dearly like to have
some way to abstract certain things.

> -- especially in a "functional" language
> where functions aren't
> supposed to have side-effects :)

Very true. The cure seems worse than the disease,
though :-) Is there a better way than either?


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