So now all I'd like in Erlang is...

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Tue Feb 17 19:45:03 CET 2004

From: "James Hague" <jamesh@REDACTED>
> Joe Armstrong wrote:
> >So now all I'd like in Erlang is:
> >1) Higher order code
> Could you elaborate?

Yes, please!

> >3) !!

How could we have timeouts with "!!"?

> >5) A *tiny* implementation (written 99% in Erlang and 1% in ANSI standard

I feel this should mean removing the 'query' reserved keyword and
Mnemosyne-query LCs from the "regular" parser/compiler, and implementing
them as extensions in a general way. Or?


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