Bridging two distributed Erlang node groups ?

Mon Feb 9 17:38:54 CET 2004

> IMHO you really really don't want to run TCP over a link with 500 sec
> latency, and the (default) communications among beam machines runs over
> TCP.

Of course I don't. That's why I was referring to some other, "appropriate"
transport for the point to point link :-)

There's quite a lot of work done, and continuing, on that topic (see, for
example, for a sort of
IP like transport layer, if that sort of thing turns you on). I hasten to add
that there is a bit of a "religious war" surrounding SCPS and I don't want you
to get the impression I'm saying it's either good or bad; it's just an example
of typical ongoing work.

There is already a error free, reliable delivery, order maintaining, datagram
delivery service in use every day for normal spacecraft monitor and control,
without exotica like SCPS.
I think it would probably fit the needs of Erlang distribution carrier quite
neatly -- if I understand right TCP is not so good because it has no concept of
message, that has to be added artificially whereas a datagram service wouldn't
need all that.


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