yaws 1.41 released

Fri Feb 6 23:30:58 CET 2004

Folks, ...Enjoy .... yaws 1.41

Minor bugfixes to the reverse proxy implementation (klacke)

SSI for the ehtml expander as well as for normal usage. (klacke)

Timestamp checks on SSI files (klacke)

Wiki fixes (Johan Bevemyr)

Return 404 instead of 403 when dir listings are disabled (Leon Smith)

Added CGI variable REQUEST_URI (cshultz)

Better dir listings with support for sort methods (Martin Bjorklund)

Redir, bugs (one would thing we'd be able to do correct 
redirs by now .. ehh) (Leon Smithh)

Support for 301,303, and 307 redirs (Johan Bevemyr)

php executable is configurable (cshultz)

Major feature enhancement, Support for a new concept called bindings, 
documented at http://yaws.hyber.org as well as in the man 
pages. (Joakim grebeno)

More redir cleanup as well as introduction of 
redirect_local, {any_path, URI}} and made yaws_cgi use it. (cshultz)

Made the webmail app able to render attachments (klacke)


Claes Wikstrom                        -- Caps lock is nowhere and
http://www.hyber.org                  -- everything is under control          

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