Bridging two distributed Erlang node groups ?

Fri Feb 6 16:42:17 CET 2004

Assorted Guru's:

Suppose I have two groups of Erlang nodes, each with their own cookie, is there
a neat way to bridge the gap and do things like use pman/appmon/rpc on nodes in
the first group to monitor/control/access the nodes of the second group?

The scenario behind this is that I am considering a case where I would have an
embedded, distributed application on node set #1, with a matching monitor and
control application on node set #2, but with the two sets of nodes separated by
a very high latency, low throughput point-to-point link (like worst case 500
seconds, 4 kbits/sec :-) which I believe precludes making the two nodes groups
all part of one distributed system as it would forever appear to be a
partitioned network.

If need be I could do a gen_tcp type thing (or similar for the appropriate
point-to-point protocol) and explicitly shift erlang terms to and fro between
two gateway processes, but I'd prefer for the built in tools to work, if that is
possible. Apart maybe from the extreme latency I can't really imagine that this
sort of scenario hasn't been tackled before ....

Suggestions or just musings are welcome,


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