Megaco and controlling processes

Micael Karlberg micael.karlberg@REDACTED
Mon Feb 2 14:29:22 CET 2004


The table contains various UDP related statistics counters 
used/defined by the megaco mib.

The table is created when the transport is started
(megaco_udp:start_transport()). But this should be taken 
care of by the MGC example.

The example works just fine for me (megaco-2.0). But I 
also had the path to the megaco ebin-dir:

       erl -pa ../../../megaco/ebin -s megaco_filter -s megaco
If you still have problems, try to start the mgc, with

       megaco_simple_mgc:start(true, true).


Samuel Tardieu writes:
 > In the Megaco example, it is recommended to started the simple_mgc by
 > doing:
 > % erl -s megaco
 > 1> megaco_simple_mgc:start ().
 > Indeed, doing:
 > % erl -s megaco -s megaco_simple_mgc
 > does not work. The MGC gives:
 > ** Reason for termination == 
 > ** {badarg,[{ets,update_counter,
 >                  [megaco_udp_stats,
 >                   {{send_handle,#Port<0.68>,{127,0,0,1},3877},
 >                    medGwyGatewayNumInMessages},
 >                   1]},
 >             {megaco_udp_server,incCounter,2},
 >             {megaco_udp_server,handle_info,2},
 >             {gen_server,handle_msg,6},
 >             {proc_lib,init_p,5}]}
 > which is right, the megaco_udp_stats table does not show up in ets:i().
 > I couldn't find in the Megaco 2.0 documentation a place where it says
 > which processes have to be alive.
 > Could anyone explain whether this is a bug, or which function must be
 > called by a process which stays alive?
 > Thanks in advance.
 >   Sam
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 > Samuel Tardieu -- sam@REDACTED --

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