FTP with IPv6

Fredrik Thulin <>
Sun Aug 22 19:41:15 CEST 2004

On Saturday 21 August 2004 15.21, Hal Snyder wrote:
> I am extremely interested in IPv6 but have been fully occupied with
> configuration management for several months.
> As soon as I have a minute or two, I'll see what I can find on our
> system. It's been over a year since our last experiments with IPv6 on
> OTP. If you don't keep testing software on IPv6, assumptions of IPv4
> address syntax, etc. will creep back; it's like digging a hole in the
> sand.

I implemented IPv6 support in Yxa (an SIP server/stack written in 
Erlang) recently. The only problem I had was with the UDP receive 
buffer for IPv6 being 1024 bytes (R9C-0) while it was 4 or 8k for IPv4.

Have a look at our source code if you wish, 

I haven't tried the Erlang FTP module with IPv6 though - just gen_udp, 
gen_tcp and DNS resolving stuff.


PS. IPv6 is still default disabled in Yxa, but that is because we 
otherwise risk proxying requests from v4-only to a v6-only user agent 
(or vice versa) with the result being that they can't communicate (for 
VoIP - send audio) to each other, which would not be appreciated by 
users ;)

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