FTP with IPv6

Hal Snyder <>
Sat Aug 21 15:21:40 CEST 2004

Matthias Lang <> writes:

> Manjeet.Singh Sardar (AC/EDD) writes:
>  > Has anybody tried FTP module of erlang using IPV6 addresses? I 
>  > am not able to get FTP working using IPV6 addresses. Currently 
>  > i am using R9C version of Erlang.
> There are very few people with IPv6 experience on the list. The lack
> of answers to your repeated question suggests that nobody knows the
> answer to your question. Some suggestions:
>   1. If you have an Erlang licence, send your question to
>      , along with your licence number. As far
>      as I know, all Ericsson users have a licence.
>   2. Solve the problem yourself. You can get full source from 
>      www.erlang.org, so it's just work...
>   3. Bribe someone else to solve the problem for you. Several of
>      the ex-bluetail guys have worked with parts of the
>      implementation. (no, I am not offering my services)

I am extremely interested in IPv6 but have been fully occupied with
configuration management for several months.

As soon as I have a minute or two, I'll see what I can find on our
system. It's been over a year since our last experiments with IPv6 on
OTP. If you don't keep testing software on IPv6, assumptions of IPv4
address syntax, etc. will creep back; it's like digging a hole in the

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