FTP with IPv6

Matthias Lang <>
Fri Aug 20 09:49:44 CEST 2004

Manjeet.Singh Sardar (AC/EDD) writes:

 > Has anybody tried FTP module of erlang using IPV6 addresses? I 
 > am not able to get FTP working using IPV6 addresses. Currently 
 > i am using R9C version of Erlang.

There are very few people with IPv6 experience on the list. The lack
of answers to your repeated question suggests that nobody knows the
answer to your question. Some suggestions:

  1. If you have an Erlang licence, send your question to
     , along with your licence number. As far
     as I know, all Ericsson users have a licence.

  2. Solve the problem yourself. You can get full source from 
     www.erlang.org, so it's just work...

  3. Bribe someone else to solve the problem for you. Several of
     the ex-bluetail guys have worked with parts of the
     implementation. (no, I am not offering my services)


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