ssl & yaws

Eric P. Melbardis eric.melbardis@REDACTED
Sat May 10 01:29:02 CEST 2003

hi all, 

I am using erlang r9b-1/yaws (1.2) in an intel win32 windows/xp environment.

I tried to enable ssl support.
	- downloaded latest version of opnessl (compiled & installed it) with vc 7.0 (.net!)
	- re-compiled the erlang driver in the erlang library (driver was compiled for earlier version of
		ssl, and the main init symbol was changed.
	- configured yaws.conf for ssl operation

i connected to the configured web site using https://....

got the first page, everything ok.
second page request came back ok, however the werl process started to consume 100% cpu

subsequent pages still came back ok cpu remains 100%

so it appears to work ok (in returning pages), 
except for the massive cpu utilization which remains constant after the
second page!

has any one experienced something like this?
figured i would ask first, before diving in.....

thanks for any insight/help


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