Testing GS V1.5

Roger Price rprice@REDACTED
Fri May 9 23:54:10 CEST 2003

As part of a project which generates Erlang code, I probed all the Erlang
GS objects with all [1] the Erlang GS options using the three functions
gs:create, gs:config and gs:read.

During the test I made some notes on what seemed to me to be "anomalies",
"unexpected features", "buglets", and errors or omissions in the Erlang GS
documentation.  The list of 59 items is too long for this mailing list,
but if anyone is doing maintenance on GS it might be of interest.

It seems to me that GS needs an object/option capability matrix so that
consistent error messages can be issued for the many meaningless or buggy
combinations of object, option and function.  I have a draft of such a
matrix which might be of interest to anyone thinking about V1.6.  The
matrix would also be a useful addition to the documentation.

The test was done using Erlang GS V1.5 on SuSE Linux 7.1/8.1 with the
fvwm1 window manager.


[1] The current test omits options specific to grid and gridline.

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