ANNOUNCE: erlguten

Mikael Karlsson <>
Wed Mar 12 22:22:58 CET 2003

Lout -
has some PDF processing now, limited though.
I think you also have pretty good control were you can place 
things in Lout, but I am not sure if it fulfils Joes requirements.

There is also an implementation in Haskell of the
Lout "galleys" which I don't understand 100%  of:

Joe calls his xml layout files, so I
guess he had a look or two on the Basser Lout.
onsdag 12 mars 2003 19:03 skrev Pierpaolo BERNARDI:


> From: "Joe Armstrong" <>
> >   TeX/LaTeX also are  flawed - TeX can't line up  rows in two parallel
> > columns.
> Have you looked at Lout?
> Lout is a text formatter TeX style, but better.
> Its author, Jeff Kingston (jeff at, being CC'ed),
> has started working on a new functional language called
> Nonpareil to be used for the implementation of Lout's successor.
> There's a thesis and other papers with a roadmap for
> this new system. I don't have URL's handy, I hope Jeff
> will supply them.
> Perhaps there's ground for a fertile exchange of ideas.

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