ANNOUNCE: erlguten

Luke Gorrie <>
Wed Mar 12 19:09:28 CET 2003

"Pierpaolo BERNARDI" <> writes:

> From: "Joe Armstrong" <>
> >   TeX/LaTeX also are  flawed - TeX can't line up  rows in two parallel
> > columns.
> Have you looked at Lout?
> Lout is a text formatter TeX style, but better.

I'm quite fond of "Latte" myself. It is basically a scheme dialect
with a TeX syntax, designed for generating HTML. The syntax is a bit
excessively ugly, but I do like using 'map', 'lambda', etc in my web

For example, my homepage is
The source to that page is
And the "style sheet" (library functions) are at

I won't say it's beautiful, but it is quite fun :-)


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