ANNOUNCE: erlguten

Pierpaolo BERNARDI <>
Wed Mar 12 23:06:57 CET 2003

From: "Mikael Karlsson" <>

> Lout -
> has some PDF processing now, limited though.
> I think you also have pretty good control were you can place 
> things in Lout, but I am not sure if it fulfils Joes requirements.

Probably it doesn't, but I wanted to draw attention to Lout's 
successor, which is based on a functional language, which 
is being designed right now.

Jeff Kingston recently requested comments on his design 
from experts in functional languages (specifically, on
type systems, but anyway).

So, I think there's some common ground between the two

> There is also an implementation in Haskell of the
> Lout "galleys" which I don't understand 100%  of:

I didn't knew this.

> Joe calls his xml layout files, so I
> guess he had a look or two on the Basser Lout.

Oh!  I thought "galley" was a common enough 
typographical term that one could use it without
knowing Lout.


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