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Pierpaolo BERNARDI bernardp@REDACTED
Wed Mar 12 19:03:14 CET 2003

From: "Joe Armstrong" <joe@REDACTED>

>   TeX/LaTeX also are  flawed - TeX can't line up  rows in two parallel
> columns.

Have you looked at Lout?
Lout is a text formatter TeX style, but better.

Its author, Jeff Kingston (jeff at, being CC'ed), 
has started working on a new functional language called 
Nonpareil to be used for the implementation of Lout's successor.  

There's a thesis and other papers with a roadmap for
this new system. I don't have URL's handy, I hope Jeff
will supply them.

Perhaps there's ground for a fertile exchange of ideas.

To Jeff Kingston: 

Joe Armstrong just released a system and announced a plan which
I think has much in common with your plan and view for a 
typesetting system.

Here's Joe's announce:

ErlGuten is now available at

ErlGuten aims to produce typographic quality PDF from XML or
a Erlang program.

The release includes a library pdf.erl which can be used to create
PDF directly from an ERlang program.

ErlGuten emplements the first part of the "grand plan" for unifying
GUIs and text production systems that I brain dumped earlier.

Comments, errors and all feedback is welcome, as are volunteers



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