problem with shared heap?

Bjorn Gustavsson <>
Thu Mar 6 10:14:07 CET 2003

Shared heap is still experimental. The garbage collector is
in particular needs more attention (it is basically the same garbage
collector as in the separate-heap emulator).

Shared heap can be better if you have an application with a lot
of concurrency and message passing. Message passing will be faster
(because messages are not copied) and the emulator will use less memory
(because processes can share terms instead of having their own separate


david wallin <> writes:

> When trying the new R9B-1 I decided to compile with --enable-shared-heap
> to see how much faster my code would run, to my surprise the result was
> quite alot slower.
> My system is a Pentium4 running Linux 2.4.18 and R9B-1 with HiPE enabled
> (actually: not disabled) in both cases. 
> Is this a known problem (and why shared heap is still experimental), or
> is there any rule of thumb when to use or not to use shared heap ?

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