problem with shared heap?

david wallin <>
Wed Mar 5 22:40:39 CET 2003

When trying the new R9B-1 I decided to compile with --enable-shared-heap
to see how much faster my code would run, to my surprise the result was
quite alot slower.

My system is a Pentium4 running Linux 2.4.18 and R9B-1 with HiPE enabled
(actually: not disabled) in both cases. 

Is this a known problem (and why shared heap is still experimental), or
is there any rule of thumb when to use or not to use shared heap ?

./configure --enable-shared-heap:

  135.15s real   110.87s user    23.89s system
  135.13s real   110.24s user    24.68s system
  135.09s real   111.00s user    23.89s system
  135.48s real   111.14s user    24.13s system
  134.77s real   110.52s user    23.80s system
  134.66s real   110.25s user    24.18s system
  135.02s real   110.58s user    24.23s system
  134.91s real   110.58s user    24.08s system
  135.43s real   110.13s user    24.72s system
  143.83s real   111.39s user    24.61s system


   48.72s real    47.60s user     0.46s system
   49.12s real    47.76s user     0.57s system
   48.28s real    47.01s user     0.69s system
   48.65s real    47.15s user     0.68s system
   48.30s real    47.02s user     0.74s system
   48.34s real    47.10s user     0.65s system
   49.03s real    46.93s user     0.90s system
   49.31s real    47.36s user     0.62s system
   48.11s real    47.05s user     0.66s system
   49.40s real    47.38s user     0.70s system



david wallin <>

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