Erlang Scheduled Courses US/UK/Sweden/Singapore

Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Consulting) <>
Thu Mar 6 10:00:08 CET 2003

Hello World.

Based on your feedback from a previous mail to the group, we have now 
put together a schedule for Erlang/OTP courses. Please pass this on to 
project leaders, training managers, and any one else not on the list you 
think might be interested. We need all the help we can get to spread the 
word and make it happen.

The cities we the greatest request for included London, Stockholm, 
Campbell (Silicon Valley) and Singapore. (If there are others, let us 
know) The first courses will be in May. For more information, contact me 
or Lennart Ohman () or see

If there is an interest in sending someone, please express your interest 
as soon as possible, as we will be cancelling courses with less than 
four participants three weeks prior to the start date. To keep up to 
date with changes, new courses, dates and locations, join our training & 
consulting mailing list, located on the index page @ 


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