Linking to/from a gen_server?

Bjorn Gustavsson <>
Mon Mar 3 11:30:20 CET 2003

Shawn Pearce <> writes:

> Is there any limitation imposed by erts on the number of processes
> another process (my gen_server) can monitor at once?  Or is it just
> the limitation on number of actively running processes within the
> local node?

There is no limit, but...

> I'm only interested in this gen_server monitoring a large number
> (around 4-5k) of local processes so that if they crash or terminate
> unexpectedly the ets dictionary is cleaned up so future lookups for
> that process won't find it.

... we have not optimized the code for that many processes (yet, at least).
There will be a linear slowdown that will probably be quite noticeable.


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