T-Mobile UK is hiring

Sean Hinde <>
Tue Jan 14 12:45:30 CET 2003

Hi all,

We are looking for someone to come and help us develop new SMS, messaging
and Web style services.

We currently have something like 50 systems running a whole range of Erlang
apps, and the requests for new stuff are coming in at the rate of about one
new project every two weeks - life is never dull!

So if you are interested in coming to join us and have something like the
following skills and background:

* Several years of solid Erlang experience including OTP.

* Ability to make really solid systems in short timescales - with a well
diciplined well thought out approach to correctness in a free flowing

* Good knowledge of Web development.

* Knowledge of GSM, SMS, XML(Ugh!) and doubtless many other TLAs

* Plenty of ideas about new services, and the will to see them all the way
through to deployement (and use by real customers!)

The vacancy is based in the UK just north of London in our new Hatfield

CVs, questions, and current details to me please.


Sean Hinde
 IN Services Design Manager - T-Mobile International (UK)

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