Packaging an application.

Jeff Einhorn <>
Tue Jan 14 16:44:45 CET 2003

I've been trying to create a simple application following the example Scott
Lystig Fritchie posted to the mailing
, but I'm having some trouble.

Here is my directory structure.

Contents of
{application, simpleapp,
          {description, "A Simple App Test"},
          {vsn, "0.01"},
          {id, "Simple Id1"},
          {modules, [simpleapp]},
     	  {registered, [simpleapp] },
          %% NOTE: It seems as if you don't want to list below libraries
          %% that are load-only.  This is only a list of applications that
          %% be started before this application is started.  In the case of
          %% increment, we'll be starting it ourselves.
          {applications, [ kernel, stdlib ] },

          %% This is the statement that triggers the loading process to call
          %% the start function (and arguments) for the application.
          {mod, {simpleapp, []} }

Contents of simpleapp.rel.
{release, {"simpleapp", "0.01"}, {erts, "5.2"},
         [{kernel, "2.8.0"},
          {stdlib, "1.11.0"},
          {simpleapp, "0.01"}]}.

When I try and run the following command I get an error, which seems to
idicate it is not able to find my simpleapp file.  I run the following from
the src directory.
$erl -pa ../ebin -s systools make_script simpleapp -s erlang halt -noshell


	thank you for your time,
		-jeff e

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